What is FreshBiz?

FreshBiz Global is a unique game-based training company that develops Entrepreneurial Thinking for business executives and employees, entrepreneurs and business owners, & top educators and students. In other words, we help you and your team develop real skills in Teamwork and Collaboration, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, Spotting & Creating opportunities, Next level Leadership, Pro-activity, Resource Optimization, Self-expression and more.

We do it all in a fun, deep and engaging way (like it should be nowadays:)
Through the FreshBiz game-based workshops, our popular book; “The New Entrepreneurz”, and exotic global 3-Day “Think Lab Experiences”.

FreshBiz Global is a for-benefit company, featured on the GameChangers500 list alongside companies like Mindvalley, WholeFoods, Kickstarter, and Zappos.
To date, we’ve taken over 50,000 people across 20 countries on a journey of the mind.

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Why should you develop Entrepreneurial Thinking?

It’s simple. In today’s ever-changing inter-connected world we need to level up our game in order to thrive, not just survive. Whether you started your own business or you’re a top executive at a billion dollar company, in this New Shared Economy, you have to learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur.

Right now, we all know that we are facing a new era of business where everything is changing, and it’s a new game out there.
The world is faster, more collaborative, purpose driven, and open. It is also smart and full of opportunities.
The problem is, that most entrepreneurs and executives are playing the new game with an old set of rules and skills.

They usually don’t realize it but it’s why they sometimes feel stuck and lost.

To stay ahead in the new game, you need to be good at coming up with creative ideas, creating smart collaborations, doing more with less, and taking action.

Entrepreneurial Thinking is the new mindset needed in the new business world.
Those who develop these skills will become the next leaders of the New Shared Economy.

Porter Stowell IBM, Head of Serious Games & Gamification Group

“The results were extraordinary! In short, the FreshBiz experience enables players to begin to see the world through a different perspective…a smarter perspective.”

“It’s amazing to see what ‘just’ a 3 hour workshop can do to your team’s collaboration and creativity levels, and the fact that it has such a long lasting effect really makes it a homerun. This is why we keep calling FreshBiz back over and over again!”